Introduction to Mastering Your DSLR

The DSLR camera is the choice of the majority of serious photographers the world over.

This is not because the DSLR offers significantly better quality than the alternatives, but because of the control you as the photographer can have over how the image is captured.

Many photographers new to the DSLR get trapped into using the cameras ‘program’ or automatic modes. This is like buying a big house and only living in one room.

You’re simply not getting the most from your investment!

The DSLR can achieve amazing results. You can capture fast moving objects, freezing them in an instant of time, or allow them to blur to suggest speed and movement.

You can capture landscape images that are in focus from the tiniest foreground detail to the horizon itself.

Mastering your DSLR

Or choose to focus only on one specific point and make the rest of the image a pleasing and artistic blur.

Matering Your DSLR


You can have full control over how the camera captures the scene in front of, allowing you to represent it the way you have actually seen it.

After all, photography isn’t about just pointing a camera and pressing a button. It is an art form and a way for you to express your own creativity.

So how do you start to take control of your DSLR and begin to realise its full potential.

Mastering Your DSLR is a series of tutorials that are designed to get you from using your camera on full automatic, right through to taking complete control using manual modes and beyond.

This site is set out like a book. If you’re coming here brand new then I suggest that you start with section 1 and work through each section in order.

But that’s not all.

This is a resource that will keep on growing. I intend to add 1 or 2 new sections each month, each of which will help to build your capability and skill.

If you would like to get an update any time a new section is added all you have to do is enter your e mail address into the form on the right. I will send you an e mail to ask that you confirm that you want to receive information from me and then you will get the updates through.

I promise that your e mail address will be kept securely and will never be shared or sold to anyone else.

I also promise that you wont get spam e mails from me trying to sell you lots of stuff you’re not interested in.

So, that’s it.

Are you ready to start mastering your DSLR camera?

Then lets head on over the the first section to get familiar with the main controls on your camera

Part 1 – Equipment Matters





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